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The Team and Leadership Center at Montreat College

We're ready to help you thrive. It's our mission. The TLC's primary goal is to help groups develop leaders and build stronger community within their context through experience-based learning. 

TLC Overview

The Montreat TLC serves a variety of corporate groups, church leadership, youth groups, and  a wide spectrum of education groups – middle and high schools, colleges and universities, athletic teams, and many more. We firmly believe that experience is the best teacher, and our programs can be tailored to your group’s needs. We exist to empower education by fostering teamwork, opening channels of communication, building cross functional teams, establishing leadership, and improving group dynamics.

The TLC Philosophy
We believe that the key to thrive lies in the hands of each member of your team and in their ability to effectively contribute their individual resources collectively and collaboratively.

The TLC Facilitator
Our facilitators are present to help your group process and glean from your experience- helping your team become more interdependent and creating an atmosphere that allows you to bring your best to the table for the benefit of the whole.

TLC: Transformational Benefits
The glue to any strong team is trust, understanding, respect, collaboration, and the ability to effectively resolve conflict. Through assessment, the TLC can identify an organization or team's roadblocks to success and design programs or workshops around your group’s specific needs. Outcomes include short-term benefits of improved morale, intermediate benefits of increased productivity, and long-term benefits of reduced employee turnover, improved customer satisfaction, and greater return-on-investment. 

TLC at Montreat College

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